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Dear followers and readers,

Happy new year 2013!

Plenty to catch up. I just checked when I posted my last blog entry. It has been quite a number of days since the last one. Christmas time has provided me with plenty of opportunities to read. However I did not follow up with my postings.

Now in the next days I will do just this. Posting my favorite articles and catching up with the back-log. I promise some interesting material!

I have also adjusted both my previous blog entries as well as the way I will write new ones. In the future I will avoid copying parts of the original articles largely. I want to give the original author as much credit as possible and encourage everybody to follow the links,



How to follow all the news …

Dear reader / follower,

there are so many interesting sources of information out there that it is very hard to follow. Some of the sources I follow are listed in my links section. I am always looking for better ways of organizing the huge number of news items. Unfortunately I have not found a single way of following all the sources.

My favorite way of following news is the Flipboard app on my iPad. Flipboard now also provides an account to share your selection of newssources across multiple devices. However it is limited to iOS.

I also use the RSS bandit on my Windows 7 based PC. It does not have the prettiest user interface, but it is the app with the best support for support for passwords and mostly important for client certificates I have found so far. You can export your feeds to the file system.

As a web-based newsreader I like Netvibes. You have to create an account then you design your dashboards. It is a very interesting concept to follow various different topics. However it is very cumbersome to use in on a tablet.


Links section updates

I have added quite a lot of links in my links section. To keep it organized and streamlined I have added a second page called “more links” where you can find a much longer list of links.You will find a lot of stuff around my favorite topics: Computer and IT, Books and Photography but also some other things.

Starting to work on other sections.